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About World Sustainability Congress

World Sustainability is a Not-For-Profit Organization advocating for Sustainable Leadership. World Sustainability attempts to bring Organizations, NGO's, Public Interests Groups & Governmental Bodies to accelerate & educate on sustainable business practices & solutions for a better tomorrow.

World Sustainability brings together professionals from different industries & businesses who believe in the value of creating a better tomorrow. Such leaders are passionate about sustainability as the only way to build a better future.

Organizations that have sustainable strategy, with a vision that combines with action, to build a better workplace. Such organizations could be exemplary so that others will learn from them & practice for a better tomorrow.

  • To Give is to benefit oneself and others.

  • To Give is first and foremost to act with spirituality.

  • Donating is an action that is done when you feel detached from possessions, when you have the awareness of being a channel to benefit yourself and others.

  • Donating is an act that causes the expansion of what has been donated.

  • There is no harm to one who gives with a spiritual and accurate conscience.

  • In discerning what, how, when and to whom to donate, the giver makes giving a sacred act.

  • To give is to be aware of being a channel of divine light transmission.

  • To give is to be responsible for the good brought about by the gift.