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Many economists and national readers always talk about requiring 'x' percent year-on-year growth to maintain low unemployment levels, upward mobility and social order etc. What seems to be left out of the conversation is the fact that even low, compounded growth rates will inevitably lead to a doubling of the world economy in approx 25-30 years. Without a massive transition towards a more sustainable way of life across all facets of human existence, where are all the additional raw materials, water, food and energy going to come from to support that economic footprint.

Mark Price, CEO, Firewire Surfboards
I believe that the world will soon look to developing countries for inspiration on sustainability. Developing countries are currently cracking the sustainability code in carefully balancing the three poles of the equation: Social Equity, Environmental Stewardship and Economic Prosperity. In effect, the social component ills are so exacerbated, due to various historical imbalances and injustices that developing countries offer fertile grounds to innovate and excel in progressing the social agenda to world class leadership

Eric Noir, Managing Director, Design for Abundance
Sustainability or sustainable future & how to make the world more sustainable & better" - "Its not a matter of vocabulary anymore or of only environmental concern, "Sustainability" now should be and is gearing up to be the central core of existence. The earth is nearly full as its capacity of being used by the humans in this race. According to an estimate, we would require one and a half earth to justify and substantiate the needs that we are creating for ourselves every single day. Its high time that the profit making industry, the government and the human race in totality realize that the future generations are only going to survive if we handover a sustainable, decent ecology and economy in their hands. If we fail to do so and jeopardize the future of the coming generations, we will not only be held responsible for the devastation to this overall human civilization but we will also be responsible for eroding the basic fundamentals of existence in this earth.
It is therefore an imperative that we realize the importance of sustainability and the importance of adhering to sustainable environmental behavior. Therefore, we have to realize that there is no more time left for us to be alert, to take corrective actions and take steps in the right directions so that we handover a more functional, organized and a sustainable ecology and an economy to the future generations.

Soumitro Chakraborty, CEO - Fiinovation, Social Entrepreneur
There is a reason its called 'CAPITAL'ism – because it's all about the money, and where it goes. Money, especially savings, is fundamental to the way we live our lives - like clean drinking water, electricity, healthcare and education - likewise money is needed to finance solutions to the real problems we face, especially climate change, the environment and poverty.

Chris Loker, Water Financial
Our greatest renewable energy is the human spirit

Robert Styler, President of Powur -- the difference is you!
We are not just business leaders with shared vision ... we are human beacons, manifesting a movement and a shift in consciousness for generations to come. The Bohemian Vanguard, emerging and searching for a new type of equitable solution.

The message of these moth wings flapping might be misunderstood by some ... but the words and actions of truthful, sustainable, innovative vibrations will ripple. And thus, off we go to the ends of the universe, as we will indeed reach the ears that need to hear this message.

There is and will be conflict that exists on this journey, but we will navigate and rise above adversity peacefully.

We have demonstrated that challenge is indeed opportunity. Civil unrest creates a battlefield for the free spirited and young to retire the old minds of obsolete function. Like the pioneers and bioneers before us, we forge not just to a place or destination, but towards an idea in mystical transition.

Scott Leonard, CEO, Indigenous
I believe that the rest of the world will soon look to Africa for inspiration on sustainability. Africa is currently 'cracking the sustainability code' in carefully balancing the three poles of the equation: social equity, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity

Eric Noir
We should treat our planet with care. The world we live in today is not something that we have received in gift from our previous generations; rather it is a world we are borrowing from the future generations. Hence it is our duty to preserve our Earth and stop all the harm that is happening to our natural resources.

Sustainability is often linked with the environment, but if we look from a broader perspective various social and economic factors are linked to sustainability. The world is developing faster every day, the development however comes with various after effects, for example if a nations economy is growing at a faster pace at the same time the pollution and climatic changes are increasing as well, these changes often effect the health of vulnerable population. Hence striking a balance between these factors becomes essential.

Developing countries often forget about the environment in their quest to grow, they fail to realize that growth of their country is due to their richness of natural resources, so what happens once all the natural resources are exhausted?

There are many factors, which will play a big role in making the future of our generations sustainable and we need to work hard at the grass root levels to bring in a sense of sustainability at an individual level. A sense of ownership for every individual towards our natural resources needs to be inculcated. People should be determined to protect their environment.

As said earlier the linkage between various social and economic factors is strong and we need to design better ways of tackling all these issues together and not focus on them individually, thus one strategy adopted can give thrice the results for sustainability. For example to eradicate poverty rather then just giving people money directly for their basic needs, we can create job opportunities for them which are based on sustainability like tree plantation, farming, green energy etc. thus we are able to tackle environment, society and economical growth from a single strategy. Various such strategies can be made depending on the local needs but important thing is implementation should be at the micro level.

"Humanity not only amongst the humans, but also towards the environment is the need of the hour" and with contribution from every individual we can definitely make the future sustainable.

Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala, Chief Executive Officer, Wadia Hospitals