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Advisory Council

Chris Loker

Financial Services Consultant, Business Strategist and Sustainable Financier
Water Financial

Chris was previously a bank/investment executive who now consults to a range of financial services companies on business strategy. The founder of a sustainable finance company, he has interests in other entrepreneurial ventures including in wellness and entertainment. He is a Business Science graduate from the University of Cape Town with other qualifications in finance and his interest in sustainable development dates back to 1990 when he led the South African delegation to an international conference in Japan.

He postulates that solving many of the world's social and environmental challenges will require a re-orientation of the present economic models which in turn requires a transformation of the financial services sector. He believes that financial institutions should be in the background, enabling the real economy, not at the forefront as they presently are but that this transformation can only take place when individual savers and investors recognize their collective power and insist on greater accountability for the flow of money.