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Advisory Council

Dieter Ernst

Secretary of State (ret.) Managing Director
IWC-innovation and water

Dieter Ernst studied law & practiced for 5 years as a Public Prosecutor and had for 10 years a seat in the board of the district of Berlin-Tiergarten with various responsibilities. In 1996 the Senate of Berlin nominated him as Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economics, in charge of all for the Utilities of the city (Water, Waste, Transport, Harbors). In 1999 he was appointed to the board of Berlin Wasser Holding & became responsible for the International Project Development of the group and acted in this function 2003 – 2011 as a CEO of Berlinwasser International AG (BWI AG). In 2011/12 he was the Representative of the RWL Water Group (New York) for Europe/Mena and in 2012 started his own business "IWC-innovation and water consult". He holds various positions like German Asia-Pacific Association (OAV, steering committee), German Near Middle East Association (NUMOV, Member of the board), German Water Partnership (GWP, founding member of the board), Helmholtz Society (UFZ, member of the supervisory board) and Budapest Sewage Company (FCM, Chairman of the supervisory board). During the World CSR Day 2015 he was awarded to be one of the 50 most Talented Leaders in Water & Water Management.